The dictionary definition of freedom, pronounced fri’dem, is a noun:

the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.
“we do have some freedom of choice”
synomyns: right to, entitlement to, privilege, prerogative, due
“the law interfered with their freedom of expression”

£95 Per Person

Life Drawing

Release the inner artist in you with this Life Drawing Art Lesson. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something different to celebrate your hen weekend in style! The events are brilliant fun; hilarious but tasteful and suitable for anyone!

*Starts 10am or 3pm

Butler in the Buff

Charming, innocent and just a little bit cheeky. Well organised taking a very professional approach ensuring an emphasis on dignified fun.

Can be combined with Spa treatments package let your party butler, mix cocktails and serves you drinks whilst you are pampered.

*Starts 12pm or 5pm

Komedia’s Krater Live Comedy Club

Having won Best Comedy Venue in the South an unprecedented 12 times, you know you’re guaranteed a great night out!

There are up to five shows every weekend….and they welcome large hen party groups. Just don’t ask for a table at the front!

Price includes entrance and a meal.

*Starts 7:30pm

VIP Nightclub with Private Table

‘Shooshh Brighton’ has become the most popular club on Brighton seafront! We recommend the PLATINUM LOUNGE for you and your hens as you can Jump the queue with your 22 VIP Entries, then be seated at your own private table with dedicated waitress service who will serve you £500 worth of drinks (included in your deal) plus your access to the VIP Platinum Lounge!

Sure to be a great night for the sophisticated Hen Party Girls!

From 11pm