Booking with us is the most convenient way to create a Hen Weekend, almost everything can take place in your own private residence and from our experience this is what best suits the hens. All you have to do is contact us, choose a property and a package, add any options and we will take care of the rest.

In Brighton, a hen weekend accommodation is quite easy to book as there’s a whole world of choice

Choose from 4 ready-made packages of over 16 experiences in Brighton, most of which take place in your private residence. Let us organise your flowers, in house dining, breakfast, Saturday activities, transport and clubs.

We’re experienced Brighton Hen Weekend organisers

We’ve hosted over 100 Hen Weekends at our properties, we’ve mapped the territory for the best activities and special events, the greatest local chefs, the finest wine tasting, the best dance lessons, the most accommodating clubs (private booth and reserved table as standard) and even tasted the delivered Breakfast! We know what’s going to be right for you during your stay in our hen weekend accommodation in Brighton.

We’ve got the contacts

We’ve developed relationships with everyone who works to make your Hen Weekend special, including the Chefs, Dance Instructors, Yoga Teachers, Wine experts, Art instructors, Beauty Therapists and other activity organisers including transport companies.

You get individual treatment

We give you individual care whenever you need it, from the moment you book and while you’re in Brighton, to the moment you get home. We live in Brighton, we know Brighton.
Your booking is safe
You can book our hen weekend accommodation online and with confidence knowing we take care of our Hen Weekenders every step of the way. We also have a 24hr support line, and on-the-ground staff in Brighton.

We’re never far away

Even when you’re on your Hen Weekend, our representatives are close at hand to answer your questions, organise your transport and take care of any needs you may have.